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by Humpasaur Jones

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(free) 02:17
what kind of half-assed last laugh circus is that? stumbling home, drunk and alone, purple and black woke up soaked in blood, open cuts swollen up, still drunk and my throat is numb, YUP I got a broken a mic and motherfucking dumb name and she's a trophy wife with a custom mustang and if you think I got no chance at all you can lick my itching hot romantic balls what's that? you're thug rap? is that so, buttercup? keep your flaps closed and your asshole buttoned up still hustling beats and quality tracks fuck it, it's nothing unique but it's all that we have writers block is bullshit, I force it out beat five pages from a dead horses mouth if I eat my own flesh and speak to the dead then exactly what the fuck am I competing against? and can I build a machine to kill major labels when I'm still waiting tables too filthy to clean? relax with weed heads and some quality pot I mean the kind that re-sets your biological clock came up with these sentences I wanted to drop it's not a deep message, just a possible thought bought them fame, then watched them rot away now kids are robbing graves and THAT SHIT IS NOT OKAY but fuck it, man...I don't even trust my fans cuz I do rock, and you treat me like a Tupac cover band show respect cuz I'm known for broken necks like, I might be stoned, let me grab this microphone and _____ but that was cocky of me...see, it's opposite week and I'm actually a sensitive and conscious emcee from Vermont and I'm free of STD's and college degrees left a condom or three inside your Moms but it's PEACE I got a broken mic and motherfucking dumb name and she's a trophy wife with a custom mustang and if you think I got no chance at all you can lick my itching hot... ...and that's positive feedback naked hippie chicks burning bras in a weed patch most dudes would be afraid of REAL nudity a bunch of virgin minds in gated communities shocker, I know: Hump Jones, cocky and stoned like "Your whole city sucks and I just wanna go home" head banging, bloody forehead at the chess game and checkmate your left brain in less than ten plays run around hunting down girls in town... and tell 'em we're representing for the WORLD AROUND just're all failures with dumb women and my new stuff is too much for only one listen


This is an unreleased track that DJ Squid made a hilariously bad beat for. To fix that, we're running a remix contest so that the 2010 Anthembanger can become a legitimate song and conquer the Universe for the rest of the year.


released July 20, 2010

Recorded and Mixed by Custom in Springfield, IL


all rights reserved