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Look Easy

from by Humpasaur Jones



I talk shit cuz it’s easy to write
at least easier than scenes from my life
at least easier than sleeping at night
when I keep feeding every demon I fight
so I keep bleeding but the dreams are alright...
...real shit is real hard to explain
I can see my human heart is insane
but I believe that you’ve been starting to change
trying to speak to you gets harder each day
but we persisted with our parts in the play
...I’m really into that monogamy shit
always dumb enough to want to commit
like love is nothing but a confidence trick
but I been dumb as fuck and cocky as shit
if I’m honest, that’s all that this is her wide eyes turning away
as she tries to hide the hurt in her face
that she didn’t have the words to explain
so until we give this burden a name
let’s keep pretending we don’t learn from mistakes...
gave each other just enough space to deny
the way we’re wasting our lives a single day at a time
like baby, it’s fine...just relax with me
zoned out with some mac and cheese and bad TV


from Breakup Music, released September 2, 2013
lyrics & vocals by Humpasaur Jones
produced & mixed by Dr. Quandary