by Humpasaur Jones

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Humpasaur Jones is for the people. No matter how many times that gets me arrested, it will never change.


1999 and my hip hop dreams
consisted of biting rhymes off Talib Kweli
yeah, I used to show and prove with stolen moves
so did you - and both of us are too much older, too
I'm clean, sober, aggravated, over-caffinated
never been so focused and totally fascinated
with lyrics and rhymes, wanna hear a theory of mine? (no)
I wasted ten fucking years a couple beers at a time
and it's easy to do, rolling over and sleeping til noon
I don't just sell these lies, I believe in them, too
the way I mess my life up, you'd think I train, but actually
lazy-ass apathy came to me crazy naturally, huh
now I'm power lunch, team player, group hug
release date's in two months, deejays need new stuff
guess you never heard my world-famous early shit
it's true that I've improved, but dude, I wouldn't change a word of it
universal energy with music as the weaponry
and ritual performances for kids who know my choruses
that's exactly why I never listen to fans
...you all talk too much and I need listeners, man
either keep the people sweating or leave 'em guessing
but either way, nowadays, we need to make investments
most of you are independent because most of you suck
but me, I'm either not promoting enough or I'm smoking too much


your opinion can get fucked in sixty-four positions
I torture gimmicks, freestyle flows that form religions
history repeats, and it's an obvious fact
that those who chose to lead the way just get shot in the back
...no respect for those who sold their soul for checks
got me playing old cassettes on a half-broken deck
like fuck rap, I listen to tapes my dad made me
that warp like a priest and shake like crack babies
the smooth shit, you know, those nineteen fifty two hits
honest truth, not this new prositituted music
got every single verse that I spit perfectly mixed
burn it to disk, and memorize my circle of fifths
known for dropping history, smoking pot religiously
and crash testing my skills with black mescaline pills
history repeats, so all those victories, defeats
and plastic trophies won't be meaning shit when you're deceased
shock to the system, ugly but we want you to listen
face the fact you're gonna die and make a conscious decision
like fuck rap, this is just a means to an end
cuz I try and reach you, so then I can sleep with your friends
I'm the new shit, you know, exactly like the old shit
a couple drunk and stoned hicks repackaged it and sold it
you never learn, getting burned trying to touch the light
but it's just another night, buzzing off the blood of Christ


released January 28, 2011
Beat 1: Dr. Quandary -- for the record, he hates this beat and wishes I hadn't used it.
Beat 2: Ronnie Raygun, who produced Alaskan Fishermen's first album, Fire and Ice, which is one of the all-time greatest slept-on masterpieces in hip hop history, period.

Recording and mixing by Custom for Custom Landscaping, Inc.

All lyrics by Thirtyseven. Any questions about collaboration to --> powerweirdo@gmail.com


all rights reserved