Funeral Groupies

by Humpasaur Jones

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This is a slice of an upcoming album I'm doing which will be coming out soon...well, soonish. It's called Breakup Music and I am very damn proud of it.


I got the right to be wrong
got the right to write my life into songs
and if you ain't like it, exit stage right and be gone
...I've broken my nose
over and over, drunk sober and stoned
even had my heart broken over the phone
it made me a man
or maybe I just went crazy and ran
to bury my traitor face in the sand, hmmm...

she wants to talk. and isn't THAT the longest walk?
from subway to bus station to coffee shop
she wants some space. but you can only watch her face
too shocked to say something as she just walks away
she wants to talk. didn't see the whole coffee shop
stop and watch your life coming to an awkward stop
she wants to talk. your stomach pops and locks.
rewinding to find the frame where you lost the plot
toxic shock, shivering, shaken to the core
but you're a cell inside this city and your pain just gets ignored
a single sentence fragment had your chest collapsing
ribs cracked on impact, it's all method acting
and learned behavior, now your hearts a burning crater
cuz she watched daddy do it and had to return the favor

you think your weak ass got a free pass?...actually, kid
your abusive dad does not excuse the fact you're a prick
see your name is on the blame but you aint taking it because
your laziness was straining this relationship for months
why don't YOU know you're too old for Who's Blaming Who?
face the truth, that skinny finger should be aimed at me

but zip it, only got a problem it you give it room
I'm living proof, cuz see I used to be a victim, too...
but zip it, dude...that's why women never wanna live with you
that's exactly why she went and settled for a different douche
different name, different face, same flavor of shit
eighty-eight weeks later, and the state's taking her kids
cycles repeat, cipher complete, [just write what you see]
is the worst advice when you learn what sight really means
just remember that redemption starts after the ending
of somebody else's version of that story you've been venting

but I zip it shit - because nobody really gives a fuck
what my opinion was on why your whole existence sucks
and you thought it was love? that's adorable, dude
she didn't have the heart to hit you with the horrible truth
that adorable's for puppies and pets, love isn't sex
but we love to clutch it just because it's something, I guess

I got the right to be wrong...
got the right to write my life into songs...
just don't go assuming I liked what I saw
I know what I see...
I know my genes are older than me...
and my soul is at peace knowing that this moment is brief
so fuck what I said
everything, it's just in my head
it's all a joke that I was just too grumpy to get
just live the life that you love until you love it to death
until they scatter your ashes, until nothing is left


released June 1, 2011
Beats and artwork forged by Dr. Quandary
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Custom