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The Lamentations

by Humpasaur Jones

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I get drunk enough to threaten my employment
then I make some questionable choices with my boinkage
...hazy on facts, tape faded to black
jump cut to waking up with your face in my lap
hmmmm...that’s about as hectic as it gets:
my name is home jones, girl, I guess we’ve never met (yet again)’re welcome to some breakfast in this bed
unless you’d rather jet, then be my sexy little guest discretion is impressive yo
get you off, get you stoned and effortlessly let you go
...maybe I’m a sociopath, I’m open to that
I’m hoping it’s devotion to my dope and my rap
but maybe it’s not, maybe it’s degrading and wrong
but baby, I’m okay with taking all the blame that you’ve got
I mean, it’s good cuz it’s fun, it’s fun cuz it’s sex
but no offense, you don’t measure up to my ex, p-p-peace

...and I don’t mean to be mean
shit, I don’t even need you to leave
but I’m not about to leave you some keys
baby, don’t think twice and feel free to be free

I get drunk enough to threaten my sperm count
then burn down a quarter pound of Mexican dirt mound
why did I do that? ...fucking serious question
but fuck it, theories are guesses, we’re trying to do math
playing the odds...the more I stay at home
the less I wake up broke & naked in the danger zone
...ain’t even making jokes, my career is painful yo...
wasted shows played alone for nobody, way to go

...and I don’t mean to be mean
so there’s no need to repeat what I’ve seen
at this point, what’s another secret to keep?
baby, don’t think twice and don’t pee on my sheets

I get drunk enough to think I’m a rapper
the magic of becoming a magnificent bastard
I’ve written some great rhymes, I kill it at game time
for lonely vixen older women stricken with stage eyes
...after that I usually bounce, pound a few and I’m out
sleep alone on some studio couch
but just because I front like I’m above it or some shit?
doesn’t mean I didn’t see it for the jungle that it isssssss
unless he’s so lost he pretends it’s not a competition
every guy alive thinks he’s got a system
the females of the species are not much different
bonding over bands and movies, common interests
always getting dumber than as dumb as it gets
always room for improvement, food, money and sex
so you’ve got yourself a good heart and wonderful breasts
but no offense, you don’t measure up to my ex, p-p-peace

...and I don’t mean to be mean
if you hate my hooks, I agree, shit is weak
...hippie redneck fuzzy skinny freak
rip the beat into meat strips, Mr. Scissor Teeth, didn’t breathe


released April 12, 2013
Flawless Beat Courtesy of DJ SQUID aka #DAUG
Recorded at Vault 46
Mixed & Mastered by Custom for Sounds Custom


all rights reserved